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Knowledge influences our lives and future more than we think. The fundamental basics such as what’s wrong and right as well as our education shape and mold our characters from day one. How important is it? Who impacts it the most? Parents and teachers. Parents are the ones that impact the future of their children the most through every day family life and teachers manage the future of our next generation in the classroom setting. There is nothing more important and influential to who we are than knowledge, skills and abilities gained through life experience and education.

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Easy to create Tests & Quizes

With VIP-learning.com you can make learning quicker and more effective. By having your students utilize ‘Kahrds’ - game based learning system they will acquire the necessary information much faster. This in turn, will give you more time to provide them with more creative, unique, rich leaning experience and turn them into passionate participants as opposed to students that right now, have no other choice but to be students, who have to listen to dry lectures just to absorb facts. With the basis already being there, you will be able to concentrate more on project-based, hands on, may be even field trip like educational adventures than just listening…By introducing them to ‘Kahrds’ you give them more ideas and options on how to acquire and retain knowledge and make learning exciting. They create ‘Kahrds’ sets by entering the information they need to study. This information is then converted into games, quizzes or tests. They can then test themselves as much as they want in a fun, easy and playful way. This is a win-win situation for everyone involved!


Help your kids get ahead of the curve!

VIP-learning.com wants to introduce you to ‘Kahrds’ as well. It is a new, fun concept of learning which is not confined to the classroom but extends into your home, community and around the world. The word ‘information’ does not primarily equate to books anymore. With ‘Kahrds” whatever you need to learn can be turned into ‘Kahrds’ sets and it is then available and can be accessed at anytime from wherever you happen to be. You also determine what you learn and how you learn it! You can play games based on the information you need to learn in the car, on a bus, at the beach, while waiting at a doctor’s office…Anatomy class for high school students differs in its content from anatomy offered at a university level which is also far from being equivalent to what medical students need to learn. With ‘Kahrds’ you determine what you learn, at what level, how, when, for how long… Games and computers. That’s right! I bet you never thought you will be sending your kid to play computer games…Let’s try a different approach and watch our children grow on an intellectual level. Promote it and support it. You will see how fun and effective it is. Learn vocabulary, spelling, dates, definitions. Practice for SAT or ACT, driving license, scuba diving, and trivia questions to know more about your favorite baseball team…the sky is the limit! May be now you will have the time for extracurricular activities your child always dreamed of or more quality time together as a family!